fonitrOnik LM1036 Audio Processor
Chris List had the idea to use this IC for a synthesizer module.

National Semiconductor's LM1036 was designed for use as a volume, pan, and tone control chip for consumer electronics. The chip can be used to pan a single input to two outputs or to xfade two inputs signals to a single output.
These circuits expand on those in National's data sheet by providing additional summing and bus circuitry optimized for a +/-15v power supply, 0 to 5v CV synth environment (however you’ll have attenuverters and an initial control on each CV input).
This is an PCB for Chris List’s Audio Processor Circuit which can be found here:.

I implemented the loudness switch. We all know that from our HiFi gear...

I already manufactured a prototype PCB. If there is enough interest i will do a large batch run (end of 2008?).
STATUS: built
last update 11 JAN 2012
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