Technical Hints
These pages are meant as an presentation of the S-DIY i do. They reflect my current and certainly limited technical understanding of these things.

A WORD ABOUT THE PCB LAYOUTS: The layouts i made work for me, they are not perfect though. Sometimes i might have made some mistakes. So if you have some findings don't hesitate to contact me.
The most layouts show footprints for cliff sockets in order to mount these PCBs to the front panels. they are not placed according the 0.8 inch grid, the spacing follows the metric system: 20mm spacing. Consider this before making panels.

A WORD ABOUT BUILDING OTHER PEOPLE CIRCUITS: I think it's a good practice to breadboard any of the circuits i find in the world wide web before i do a PCB or a frontpanel. Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. I do, you do and others do.
(Photo essay, links and hints)
(PowerOne PSU is identical to the Mannesmann Rexroth RA 30 PSU)
pinouts of Doepfer DotCom and MOTM power connectors)
(Different Transistors have different pinouts, which can be very confusing...)
(how to wire these toggle switches)
(where is CW - clockwise and CCW - counterclockwise on my Potentiometer?)
(how to wire an aditional passive attenuation pot)
(how to wire an aditional LFO range switch: shown for the CGS Utility LFO)
(how to connect PCBs with MOTM or non standard connectors to the bus PCB)
Harry Bissell (with kind permission):
(Want to know more about CAPs and which to use when?)
(Want to know more about how to plan your grounding?)
elby designs : laurie biddulph
(a very nice datasheet search engine - search by part number, type manufacturer...)
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