CGS Utility LFO
This board is a dual utility LFO offering manually variable wave shapes. Standard waveshapes are falling ramp variable through triangle to rising ramp, and variable pulse width. A fixed square is also available, as is a combination waveshape that is variable between the saw/tri output and the square. This is a MIX not a morph. Optional switches allow the variable outputs of the two LFOs to be intermixed.

I raised the values of the caps in the integrators to lower the speed of both of the LFOs. I put one 100n cap in parallel with the 1st and a 470n cap in parallel with the 2nd cap. now i have slower and a much slower LFO, which fit better into my requirements.

next time i would make the speed range switchable:
STATUS: built
last update 11 JAN 2012
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